Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to my blog! Finally a place I can write on and on about books without interruptions or like/dislike buttons.

This will be simple. I am a very busy reader who tries and tries (while running after a child) to read atleast one book a week. I will read just about everything and friends have screamed at me "START A BLOG FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!" everyone else has, sheesh!
So at last, I have jumped on this bloggin' bandwagon and hope to god someone will find me interesting. Hopefully it won't end up like junior high where no one showed up to my birthday parties. (sigh)
I will post reviews for any and every book I read, old or new. If you discover me and find me remotely interesting , please follow me and tell me what YOU are reading.

Enough for now! I'm off to read!