Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Noah's Rainy Day by Sandra Brannan

I've done the cover reveal, showed you the book trailer, reminded the virtual world that it was coming and now I give you a review and a giveaway. 

I really don't think you have any more excuses as to why you have not read her yet.



This is book four of the Liv Bergen series and do you need to read the others in order to get it all? I would say yes. I'm a fan of having back story and character progression and if I start something mid series, I do tend to feel left out. 

Liv's character goes through quite a change in each book leading up to this one and this one is quite personal. It's more about her family and a bit about her family's past.

I saw Sandra at a library event in my state just last night and I told her this was one of my favorites along with the first book, In the Belly of Jonah. I liked the grit, the suspense and the rock solid psychological terror of it all. I felt for the little boy. I was screaming at the pages, "Listen to him!!!!". I felt the closeness of the crime and just wanted to reach in to the pages and shake people. That's good writing!

Me and Sandra

Liv's character continues to progress and surprise me as well.  I want to see her succeed and I look forward to seeing what her next step is. Because her family is so much a part of her character, she has a realness about her that is identifiable.

I will continue to champion Sandra Brannan and her books until she knocks Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell off those bestsellers charts and takes their place. She is a talent and I really do look forward to more of Liv Bergen but also for other stories she has up her sleeve (cuz'  I know they are there and coming!)

I have an extra copy to give away of Noah's Rainy Day and due to how slow I can be to get to the dang post office, y'all have plenty of time to read the first three books before you receive this one (if you have not already done so)

Leave a comment and your email please.

Contest runs through September 3, the official release date of Noah's Rainy Day.

Author Website: Sandra Brannan

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Noah's Rainy Day by Sandra Brannan Release Week Kick-Off!

It is my pleasure to be a part of kicking off another amazing thriller by Sandra Brannan. Book 4 of her Liv Bergen series released this week and if you haven't read them yet, please start!

Description from Goodreads:
From birth, Noah Hogarty has lived with severe cerebral palsy. He is nearly blind, unable to speak, and cannot run, walk, or crawl. Yet his mind works just as well as any other twelve-year-old’s—maybe even better. And Noah holds a secret dream: to become a great spy, following in the footsteps of his aunt, Liv “Boots” Bergen.

Now, freshly returned from training at Quantico, FBI agent Liv Bergen is thrown into her first professional case. Working side by side with veteran agent Streeter Pierce, enigmatic agent and lover Jack Linwood, and her bloodhound Beulah, Liv must race to find five-year-old Max—last seen at the Denver International Airport—before this Christmastime abduction turns deadly. Meanwhile Noah, housebound, becomes wrapped up in identifying the young face he sees watching him from his neighbor’s bedroom window, but he can neither describe nor inscribe what he knows.

And his investigation may lead to Noah paying the ultimate price in fulfilling his dream.

Noah’s Rainy Day (the fourth novel in Brannan’s mystery series) combines classic Liv Bergen irreverence and brainpower with an unflinching look at the darkest of human motivations, all while a whirlpool of increasingly terrifying events threatens to engulf Liv and Noah both in one final rainy day.

I will have the pleasure of seeing Sandra this weekend at a library event in my neck of the words called Wine and Words, hosted by Sheila from Book Journey. I can't wait!

Noah's Rainy Day can be purchased at Indie Bound.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


My inability to finish a book lately has caused a sort of...mania with checking out massive amounts of cozy mysteries, science fiction romance, detective stories and well, Fifty Shades Darker. WTH?! I can't decide on anything but feel interested in EVERYTHING. I have no idea what is going on. On my nightstand I currently have A Kiss of Shadows by Laurel K. Hamilton, Moon Kissed by Patricia Briggs, Real Murders by Charlaine Harris, Night Passage by Robert Parker, Abby Cooper PI by Victoria Laurie and Bedeviled Eggs by Laura Childs.  Oh and the Fifty....

I'm obviously in some sort of escapism mood. I have no clue how to make this pass. 

Bring on the smut, I guess.

Atleast my Audio choice is going strong. Now if my son would allow me to listen to it in the car instead of those darn Imagination Movers...

Happy Reading and, as always thanks for stopping by.

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