Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review #55: A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

Title: A Certain Wolfish Charm

Author: Lydia Dare
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Review copy from Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-4022-3694-5
Price/Pages: $6.99/352
Release Date: April 6, 2010

My Review and Description:

I really have to say thank you to Sourcebooks for opening my eyes to a whole world of romance. I never knew there were so many different types. I have come to realize, however, that historical romances aren't for me. I like a little paranormal twist and I like a whole lot of feisty, fun characters. A Certain Wolfish Charm has a little bit of everything that I am enjoying about my new adventures in romance reading. Feisty female, stubborn male and a whole lotta tension.

This book was a first in a series featuring the Westfield Brothers (Westfield Werewolves). From Lydia Dare's website, here is a description of the three men. !

"Simon- the scandalous Duke of Blackmoor, who heads the call of the moon, until a woman finally calls more loudly."

"Benjamin- who seeks to find the wolf within, but fights to control it once he does."

"William- a debauched rogue who wants nothings more than a scratch behind the ears from his lady love."

They sound like fun, don't they?

Though I only signed up to read and review the first one, I can tell that the whole series will be deliciously readable. Miss Lily Rutledge has been taking care of Oliver, the 12 year old nephew of Simon Westfield. Simon has been assigned guardianship to the young boy but has not been too diligent in the the caregiver role.

Lily forces herself into Simon's life after several attempts at contacting him through letters. She demands his help, unsure of how to handle the strange changes she is seeing in Oliver.

A Certain Wolfish Charm offers the reader a quick, easily engrossing adventure full of secrets, sex and a little scare.

Author's Website: Lydia Dare

Rating: 4 stars/6 stars
Because it's not a genre I normally seek out, I would not rush out and buy this but I would recommend it to fans of the paranormal romance. And as the author's website indicates, it plans on being a series with plenty books to offer.

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by and joining me on my reading adventures!

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