Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week in Review (April 25-May 1) and Author Love-a-Thon #6

Week in Review and Author Love-a-Thon

So my week has been pretty much the same has always.
Coffee, Kiddo, Play, Eat, Read, Work, Cuddle, Sleep. Repeat.
BUT this week I went to visit my parents with the kiddo to give my husband the night to "let loose" for his birthday. Though before I left I did the motherly thing and said "For Goodness Sakes, behave, you are 35 years old now, old man!".

Anyhoo, he did behave and I had a fabulous time with my mom going to their annual Book Fair in my hometown. We went on Saturday morning when it was $4 to fill a bag. I know! $4!
Can you believe it? Well, I , of course, said I would only fill one bag because, really, I was going to BEA and I would have plenty of books to fill my reading lists until 2014.
As I got going, though, I could not stop. I gathered Kids books, Religious books, Biographies, History, Mystery, Literature, you name it, I grabbed it!
I got some pretty neat books and so did my mom.
But, the most exciting of them all, were all of the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins books I found!
This leads to me to my May installment of my Author Love-a-Thon.

Francine Pascal

So, Francine Pascal did not write every single Sweet Valley High or Twins book but she did create the world in which I devoured as a child.
DEVOURED people!
As you all know by now, I was NOT the pretty blonde blue eyed "perfect" girl growing up. Far from it. I was more like the Wakefield twins' awkward inbred cousin with clothes too big and hair even bigger.
I had begun collecting the series again a few years back but hadn't really come across a lot for sale, though I was only looking at a few bookstores here and there. When I saw the bounty of books at this sale, I had to scoop them up!
I probably still have about 60+ books to still collect, with all of the Special Editions and what not. I will! I will!
I was also so excited to discover a fellow blogger, Connie from Constance Reader who has a sidebar blog dedicated to all things Sweet Valley High! I'm hooked.

So, folks, as you can tell, the highlight from my week was my book discoveries and a trip down memory lane. If you have not seen or heard of Sweet Valley, shame on you! Just Kidding.
I will tell you the basics. Jessica and Elisabeth Wakefield are twins: blonde, blue eyed, size 6 perfect. They live in Sweet Valley, CA and are different as night and day. Jessica is the wild one. Elizabeth is the good one. The books are all about their life, friends, family and ups and downs. SO addicting to a teenager who is living through it all too! Sweet Valley Twins is the same, only they are younger.

This was young adult when young adult was well, all about being a young adult. No vampires. No werewolves. No crazy powers. Just boys and girls. And, you know, some drinking, jealously, bad grades, bad hair days, etc. (sigh) Ahh, good ol' highschool.

I am thinking that possibly...maybe...of creating a Sweet Valley Challenge. What at trip it would be to read them all again. Oh the drama....!

Stay tuned.

Happy Reading, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Amy J said...

OMG! I loved SVH books! They were my favorite when I was a teen. You are so right though. Those were young adult books! I so wanted a brother like theirs! I would so jump on the SVH challenge if you hosted one!

I am still banging my head on the computer because of the great deal you got. I can never find places like that here!

Jenny said...

I loved this series! I read a couple of the college ones too, but the twins and high school ones were the best!

Unknown said...

$4 a bag?! Nice work ;-)

WonderBunny said...

You know, I don't think I read a single Sweet Valley High book growing up.

Please don't throw anything. :)

Shanyn said...

I have been ranting on Twitter about finding all of these books to read again! So far I have not had much luck (I can't really afford to pay $1/book since there are so many) but if I do eventually find them I would love to participate in a reading challenge :)

Teresa said...

I loved Sweet Valley High. I swear I had every single one of them. I'm not sure what my mom did with them. Did you see there is a follow up coming out in 2011? I think a challenge leading up to the follow up release would be fun.

Christine said...

Coffee, Kiddo, Play, Eat, Read, Work, Cuddle, Sleep. Repeat.

It doesn't get much better than that! Add in a bag of books for only FOUR bucks! Sweetness! :)

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I so remember reading them while being a YA.Score on the books and its great to let loose no matter the age.

Jacki said...

I would show participate if you had a Sweet Valley challenge. I still kick myself that I never kept mine.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I use to love them!