Saturday, November 19, 2011

My First Sunday Salon-November 20

Why, may you ask, am I doing a Sunday Salon for the first time after, 2 1/2 years of blogging? Well, I can honestly say that it's the type of post I feel I can contribute now. Up until now, I've been able to have a review or a feature or a giveaway every few days to keep posts current. Lately, I've hit a wall, reading wise and have also started a very busy schedule. My blogging has fallen my the way side. I've have some moments free but, like many of you, I'm sure, have not felt it to post anything worth reading.

I've enjoyed reading so many Sunday Salons of yours that I thought it would be a nice time to recap my week or (cough) weeks since I've seen you all last.

The biggest thing that has changed in the last few weeks is that I finally got a second part-time job that I am loving. I now work mornings with Scholastic Book Fairs creating their display cases for the schools. It's pretty entry level but it's a foot in the door with a great company and I am really liking it. As most of you all know, I work also at my local library part-time as well. I was struggling with finding another job that could go around my hours there. (I sure as, you know what, am NOT giving that job up). Luckily Scholastic was able to give me five mornings a week and it doesn't interfere at all!!

Go me!

I also am going to be adding a very part-time gig as a Home caregiver for the elderly. More to come on that.

With this new job comes less time at home and with my son. I have been trying to spend more of my free time with him now as well. Unfortunately, we got a TON of time this past week because he got Scarlet Fever last Wednesday! Ugh. So, my husband and I took turns going to work and taking care of him. He is doing great but we are all a little exhausted. It was lovely to see his sweet little face all week but not when it was so sick. :(

On the book front, I am reading, just not very fast! I am almost done with Lethal by Sandra Brown for my mystery challenge. (I don't care if I've already done that letter. I'm just reading new mystery authors and that's that! Okay?!) I also finished Loving Frank by Nancy Horan for my book clubs. Both clubs read it this month and my second club is meeting next Monday to discuss it. Once I have both clubs under my belt, I will post my reviews. Boy, did this one stir up some emotion!

I have three books I am deciding on for my next read. Instruments of Darkness by Imogen Robertson (a literary thriller), We need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver ( anovel), or The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson (a young adult literary/historical thriller). It's cold and snowy here and my mood is leaning towards a rich, meaty literary thriller...perhaps with an old creepy house or the rainy, cold streets of 1880s London.

This coming week will hopefully be filled with good reading, turkey, and lots of movies. My pal Dawn and I are going to see The Swell Season documentary (about the two musicians from the movie Once) and Like Crazy. We loved the movie Once and also saw them perform live a few years back when they came to Minneapolis. LOVED IT! Like Crazy is just an indie movie right up my alley and Dawn is also a fan of good, solid indie movies. We decided to make it double feature kind of a day.
Click both links and check these movies out if you have not heard of them!

My pal Amanda and I are having "Hunky Men" Movie Night. She will supply Gerard Butler movies and I will supply Mark Ruffalo movies. Wine will join us and our good friend chocolate. Good times will be had by all, indeed.

Oh and Breaking Dawn...that will happen too, I'm sure.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first Sunday Salon. As you can see, I've been busy and will be busy this coming week. I hope to do another Sunday Salon at some point too. I am going to try to be more present in the blog world in the next few weeks. I haven't forgotten you all!!

What are you reading this week?
What are your big plans?
Breaking Dawn? Yes?

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

red headed book child


Lisa said...

At least it sounds like you're making sure you get some time for yourself! Scarlet fever? Poor baby! It's so hard to see them so sick - and so exhausting! Glad he's doing better.

Marce said...

Congrats on the job, sounds exciting to me.

Sorry little man wasn't feeling well.

I'm going to start We Need to Talk about Kevin next, hope you will have the chance to get to it.

I am reading Todd Ritter's first book, I see you have his newest for giveaway, I will get to that next year, have it but can't see this year.

And I did notice you reading the same letters for your mystery, ahhh emmm. lol It is your challenge and of course it is enjoying the books which is most important.

Take care

Sam (Tiny Library) said...

I always like Sunday Salon posts, it's nice to find out a bit more about the person behind the blog.

Congrats on the new job! And I hope your son is feeling a lot better now.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Whoa! New jobs and sick baby. You go girl! That's some serious juggling.
*high five*

The book fair display thing sounds like such fun!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh how fun!!! Scholastic! I would be so excited!

Gina said...

Hi Michelle! Great to see you in the blogosphere and congrats on the job status! I know how hard it is to find those two that'll work with each other rather than against and definitely don't blame you for hanging on the first one. ^_^ So sorry to hear how sick your son was but at least he's on the mend. The reading status is good...slow but steady is a good speed to own when life gets busy busy. Haven't heard of the movies mentioned (*makes note to investigate*) and enjoy that movie night!

My weekend....besides work work and more work (and finding out I have to WORK on Thanksgiving Day...*insert major sad face*) was midnight release of Breaking Dawn (LOVED IT!), The Help (LOVED IT!) and last night we watched the Hallmark Channel's showing of A Dog Named Christmas (So touching and a lovely movie for this time of year!)....reading, it happened but not nearly as fast as I'd have liked. Oh well, sometimes things aren't exactly as we planned but as long as they are enjoyed in the end, I think it balances out. Catch you! ^_^

Sarah said...

The Scholastic job sounds amazing! Congrats!!!

And Hunky Men Movie Night sounds like a genius idea! Hope you ladies have fun :-)

Stacy at The Novel Life said...

I hope the little guy is doing mucho better now. It's always tough to have a sick wee one.

A huge congrats on the job front! What tremendous fun that sounds like! How did you get hired? Email me & tell me more ~ I want your new job =}

I have been vascillating back & forth about school & well... I will just email you!

So happy for you!

Christine said...

Another part time job? Wow. You're amazing.

So sorry to hear the little guy was so sick! I hope he's well on the mend by now.

Teresa said...

So sorry that you've had a sick kiddo but congratulations on the new job. It sounds like a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity!

StephTheBookworm said...

Can't believe that sweet baby boy of yours had scarlet fever! Blech! Poor guy.

I'm so happy for you about your new job though! Hooray! :D

We Need To Talk About Kevin is great, but sad.