Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Gold by Chris Cleave

Gold by Chris Cleave
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Format: ARC from Publisher
Release date: July 10, 2012
Purchase: IndieBound

Chris Cleave will always remind me of a glorious time in my book selling days. I was given an ARC of Little Bee many years ago and loved it. I made displays. I recommended it to everyone. I made it my #1 book to hand sell that year. And it worked. Me and thousands of others helped it become a bestseller. It was perfect for book clubs, for those readers who wanted to try something edgier, different, unique. Because of how strongly I felt for Little Bee, I was very much interested in his new book Gold. On a side note, his covers are gorgeous and draw me in instantly. Isn't this one divine?

Gold has a much different feel than Little Bee, still charged but not as dark or political. It tells a very unique story that sets around Olympic bicyclists. Who knew?

Here is a description from Goodreads:
Gold is the story of Zoe and Kate, world-class athletes who have been friends and rivals since their first day of Elite training. They’ve loved, fought, betrayed, forgiven, consoled, gloried, and grown up together. Now on the eve of London 2012, their last Olympics, both women will be tested to their physical and emotional limits. They must confront each other and their own mortality to decide, when lives are at stake: What would you sacrifice for the people you love, if it meant giving up the thing that was most important to you in the world?

I read this way back in January, having received a very early copy. I should have written my review at that time while it was all fresh in my mind but...I slipped. I still very much remember liking it and being moved by it with each page. Cleave is good at portraying our flaws as humans but also our triumphs. Especially with the Summer Olympics coming up, this book is so filled with the passion, the drive, the sweat, the pain that comes with being an athlete. How much do you lose on your way to the top? What really is important? The Gold? Or your family?

There is always a little bit of intrigue surrounding his books, where you can't really explain what they are all about without giving too much away. I would agree with that. I would say if you are looking for a very well written, character driven novel, this would be for you. Throw in a very fractured love story, and the sport of cycling, you open it up to many more readers.

Rating: Recommend
Different than Little Bee, but worth reading. Chris Cleave is a talent worth experiencing.

Author website:
Chris Cleave

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Jennifer said...

I snagged a copy of this at BEA. I still have Little Bee sitting on my TBR shelf to read, though, too!! Glad you liked this one!

Jennifer said...

I snagged a copy of this at BEA. It sounds interesting, but I'll admit that I grabbed it because of the author on the cover and not a clue what it was about until later! I still have Little Bee sitting on my shelf to read!! Glad you liked this one!

Paula Calvanico said...

I read Liitle Bee with my book club back in May of 11. I didn't like it all that much but it wasn't the worst book I've read. I had a rough time with all the lying in it. It was a sad book and the gal who picked it did not expect it to be what it was.

It sounds like he is a real thought provoker : ) that makes for good book club discussion, which Little Bee did.


christa @ mental foodie said...

I know you like Little Bee more than I did, so was curious what you think of this one! :) Agree that his book covers are pretty, and that you know the book is from him if you'd read Bee! :)

Beatnik Mary said...

I loved this book! I wasn’t so sure if I liked his previous book, Little Bee, but this one was a real winner for me (oh, groan, pardon the pun).
I hope you don’t mind me doing this, but I’m hosting a giveaway for this book in August 2012 on my blog, Maybe your readers would be interested?