Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Who me? A Book Blogger?

It's funny. I was at one of my book club get togethers for the holidays. It was a book and cookie swap. I brought books, not cookies. It's how I roll. I met a new woman there and after being introduced as the "friend who has a book blog and gets lots of books", I thought, "Well, shoot! I should probably blog then!" I hopped on my blog later that night and realized my last post was from July and it wasn't even written by me! I felt immediately silly for handing out my blog business card to someone new and for her to google search my rather stale site!

Did this motivate me to want to write a million reviews? No, not really. I don't think the art of book blogging is dead by any means. It just hasn't been my platform to recommend and talk books for quite some time. I created a Facebook page for my blog and I link books I liked and am reading on there. I donate, give away, swap and talk books with family and friends. I recommend to every one I can during my job at the library. And I read a lot of kids books with my son and then donate them to his school.

My blog has brought me a ton of opportunities and connections in the world of books and I'm forever grateful. Last year, I posted that I may include some more personal posts instead of all books. In all reality, I like the short and sweet aspect of Facebook rather than a meandering post here on my blog. For now.

I will probably continue my A-Z Mystery Challenge because I have some faithful followers and it really requires very little time.

And I will pop over occasionally with a review or two. I like to see some old faces out there but I am truthfully pretty behind on any new book blogs. I still don't do Netgalley or ebooks of any kind so that does limit my opportunities to review some of the newer titles. I'm okay with that.

The pace of the library has changed my reading. I don't need the newest and the best right away. I placed a request and I wait in line. I've turned 40, so I'm over the fan fare of "Gimme Gimme!".

I guess my purpose of this post was my introduction and definition as a Book Blogger. And though I do identify in some ways to that, I really truly am just a Book Lover. I will get the word out for what I love in any way I can.

For now, it's just not here so much.

Hope you all are well in the book blog-o-sphere!

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

red headed book child