Welcome to Red Headed Book Child

Me rocking the Buddy Holly glasses at The Buddy Holly Show in Spring 2013

As my blog header states, I am indeed a mixture of many things. I am a full-time Mom to a magnificent 10 year old boy. I made the change to working full-time again last year after being very part-time for many years. I now work in the school district as a Pre-K Assistant.  For nerdy, literary fun, I still work part-time at my local library.

My love for books began as a child when I would spend hours at my hometown library either reading Babysitter's Club as a child or a delicious scandalous VC Andrews.
I spent fifteen years working in a very busy book store and enjoyed recommending to customers, co-workers and to anyone who would listen.

When the company closed I was lost without that community to recommend to so this blog was born in July 2009. Though it has changed over the last 5 years, I still enjoy coming here and sharing my thoughts. The community of folks I have met have been amazing.

I am proud that my son is also a fan of reading and I am looking forward to discovering books with him. 

Addicted to a Literary Life? You bet.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
 I hope I can add a book or two to your list!

Take care,
Red Headed Book Child