Monday, January 18, 2010

Review #39: Seduced by a Rogue by Amanda Scott

Title: Seduced by a Rogue

Author: Amanda Scott
Publisher: Hachette Book Group-Grand Central Publishing
Format: Copy provided by publisher for review and Blog Tour
Genre: Romance

Rating: 6/10

The description (from the back of the book):

Flaxen-haired and beautiful, Lady Mairi Dunwythie is heiress apparent to the wealthy nobleman blocking Clan Maxwell's attempt to control much of southwest Scotland. Her first meeting with handsome Robert Maxwell ignites an attraction that is immediate, intense, and almost irresistible-until she learns he is asking her father to submit to the Maxwell demands. Rob is a warrior, a man of action. So when Mairi's father stands defiant, Rob daringly abducts her. As clan tensions mount, passion escalates between the lovers, tempting them beyond reason. Soon they must choose between loyalty and love...before the eruption of all-out clan war.

My Review:

This was my first romance book read in a very long time. I can't even tell you when I read one last. I chose this title because I wanted to broaden my reading horizons to a genre that seems to well loved by many. I know very little about the genre as a whole except that there are many different types. Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, etc.

This would fall under Historical romance. The author certainly worked hard to create the setting of 14th century Scotland, very descriptive. The story itself was loosely based on an unpublished manuscript that a friend had given to the author. It was written in Broad Scotch detailing the lives of two Dunwythie sisters who met and married their husbands. Seduced by a Rogue is about the oldest sister, Mairi.

This alone was pretty cool. The book had a heart and had substance. I guess I was expecting more fluff, more romance, more sex, etc but that was just from my own inexperience when it comes to romance books. The story took its time building up to the two main characters meeting, bickering, and eventually falling in love. All in all, a unconventional courtship considering their relationship really "begins" after
he kidnaps her.

Having not read a lot of of historical romance, I think it was pretty well done. I would rate it a 6. I think it would cater to a specific audience who would like more history and politics thrown into a cat and mouse romance game. Admittedly I was in the mood for saucy sexy romance and this was more a witty, combative courtship with love in the end. Not a bad thing on the book's part, it was simply my mood.

I am glad I signed on for this blog tour. Anything that opens my eyes to a
new genre is refreshing. Amanda Scott is the author of over 25 books and can be found on her website here.

Blog Tour runs through January 20 and a host of my fellow bloggers are participating. Check them out too!

Thank you to Hachette for providing me a copy of the book!

Happy Reading!

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Amo said...

I used to read lots of romance novels in my early twenties. Now that I'm in my mid-thirties, I don't read them anymore b/c I know romance is nothing like those novels and it's depressing!

Thanks for the advice about singing while doing things for my toddler. Good idea! I tried it when he was freaking out while I was changing his diaper. It didn't make him stop, but it made me feel better!

Christine said...

I think romance has made a lot of progress in recent years in that there are many, many novels out there these days that have quality, in depth and intelligent plot conflicts and character developments. Besides, it's a fun and uplifting genre to read. You can always be sure of a happy ending and in this day and age... I need that.

I'm glad you decided to branch out and try something different from your reading norm. I hope it's a genre you continue to try now and then.

Thanks for the review. :)

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little I used to read romance novels during their nap times. I finally had to give them up when I realized I was on 'romance overload' and staying mad at my husband for not being a rogue and sweeping me off my feet! LOL

I think you are quite objective & just have a knack for being able to give really good reviews, in spite of being so-so about the genre.

Celticlady's Reviews said...

Good review Michelle I have never read any Amanda Scott, but she has written a tremendous amount of books...historical fiction is a fun genre... I prefer to read historical fiction but I have read many different genres. I will not read anything cowboyish, western stories. Not sure why... just does not interest me!!!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Great review. I tend to steer clear of this kind of book because I always worry about explicit sex, but this one sounds like it might be doable (I know, everyone thinks I'm a prude). I'll think about it...on the book, not on being a prude...LOL!

I have an award for you here:

Alyssa Kirk said...

I don't do much staight romance but this sounds good. Thanks for the review!