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Review #40: Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canadeo (BLOG TOUR & Giveaway!)

Title: Knit, Purl, Die

Author: Anne Canadeo
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Format: Review copy from Publisher for BLOG TOUR
ISBN: 978-1-4165-9812-1
Series: A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery

Rating: 7/10

My Review and Description:

Knit, Purl, Die is the second book in the new series by Anne Canadeo. (1st book in series is called While My Pretty One Knits). I had not read the first book and I was not lacking in information in order to enjoy this one. This book would fall under cozy mystery. It takes place in a lovely little east coast town of Plum Harbor. The characters are five smart, witty professional women who knit together, laugh together and get wrapped up in solving crimes.

Maggie is the yarn shop owner and where a lot of the story takes place. This is where they all gather and gossip and knit and whatnot. Lucy, Suzanne, Dana, and Phoebe round out the group. Gloria, the wealthy, beautiful and newly married to a new young husband, is the newest addition to the group.

All is fine and dandy until Gloria turns up dead, face down in her own swimming pool. Suspicions form around her new husband, her ex flame and even her own tendency for over indulgence. Did she drink a little too much and slip in? Did someone push her? Who would want to kill someone so fabulous?

The ladies are drawn into the mystery being the last ones to see her alive. I liked all of the women. They were not too stereotypical, and you didn't get overwhelmed with too much detail about each of them. Some how the author explained enough and built them enough that you got a good glimpse into who they were and enjoyed their company.

For a cozy mystery, it wasn't overly campy. It seemed fun and sincere at the same time. The ladies weren't overly ambitious sleuths that stuck their noses into everything. They seemed like they were honestly wanting to find their friend's killer.

My rating falls at a seven. It was a quick read, enjoyable and wrapped up nicely. What keeps series like these going are definitely the main characters. If they are interesting enough to read, then it doesn't really matter the "mystery" at hand. I could see myself picking another up because of this reason. For some reason, books that have knitting shops or bookstores or cafes, as crucial settings make me at ease. ? Just me, I guess. I don't knit but I have friends that do and I totally Zen out when watching them.

The last neat thing about this book is that at the end you get knitting ideas and recipes that were mentioned in the book. The recipes and ideas are written by each of the different women who previously mentioned them. Very cute, I thought! And some darn good recipes I think I may try.

Overall, a decent recommend for fans of Laura Childs and Maggie Sefton.

I am passing along my copy in a Giveaway.

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I will pick a winner on Monday, January 25.

Thank you to Pocket Books for sending me a copy to read and review!

As always, Happy Reading!

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