Friday, July 2, 2010

Where the heck are you?

You may be asking yourself this very question in regards to me in Blog Land.
Or maybe not. Perhaps my lack of presence means nothing at all to you. Sob.

Only kidding.

Here's the thing. My laptop crapped the bed. Yes, I will be blunt and not very eloquent. My husband and I have been trying to "figure out" what is wrong with it.
A trusted pal told us that it was the hard drive. So we replaced it.

It is not the hard drive. Thanks! Appreciate the loss of $100.


SO, needless to say, I have not been blogging much due to the lack of computer and
that whole "let's not nap every day" thing.
I am stuck to take VERY brief moments blogging on my husband's computer down in the basement where his music studio is or his "man cave". Instruments, wires, beer cans, Steely Dan records, Bob Marley pictures, and drumsticks every where does not really aide to my computer creativity time. No offense to my incredibly talented musician of a husband. :)

I blog with blinders as much as I can.


So, hopefully soon I will figure out the computer situation and actually be able to blog on a somewhat daily basis.

Good news, I AM reading. Atleast this hasn't fallen into the crap hole.

Happy reading to all of you on this holiday weekend, and
as always thanks so much for stopping by!

red headed book child


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the computer woes. Definitely not fun. Your description of blogging in the man cave, however, cracked me up.

Jenny said...

LOL, you crack me up.

I hope you are able to figure out the computer issue soon!

Marce said...

I love the sound of his man cave, lol.

Glad your still reading but the crash of the computer, I so get it, was there last year just before I started blogging.

Jessica said...

LOL... um, I mean, that's really messed up, but you have a real talent for lightening the sucky situation! :)

I hope you figure out what's wrong with the computer.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I laughed at the description of your husband's man cave.

My husband's man cave is full of camping and fishing supplies ;)

He sounds like he could hang out with your hubbie ;)

Good luck figuring the computer thing out.

StephTheBookworm said...

Aw, bummer!

Teresa said...

I was wondering where you had been. Your post gave me a good laugh. I hope you fix it soon!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Thank you all so much for responding!

I am here reporting from the man cave...though that a Lava Lamp? Oh dear I'm outta here....

Ryan said...

Computer problems suck. No matter how long it takes we will all still be here.

Throw the lava lamp out before you are attacked by the cast of Hair.

Ordinary Reader said...

Hi. I'm stopping in from the hop. I sympathize with your computer problems. My power cord died on me yesterday so I had to get a new one. It was on sale for 89.99 but holy cow that's a lot of money for a cord. I guess I can't complain since it's working fine now. Hope you find a solution to yours soon.

Lisa said...

I would definitely be getting a lot more reading done if my computer crashed for a while. But I'd be terrified that I'm missing something! At least you can get on for a while.

Your little guy is way too young to start giving up naps! Argh! My daughter stopped when she was a bout 2 1/2--what a nightmare.

Marie Cloutier said...

Man cave, LOL. I sympathize! :-)

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Ooh bummer about the Laptop (notice the capital L in Laptop) I totally get how important this piece of technology is.

Hope it is up and running soon!

Gina said...

Oh, so sorry for the computer issues... --passives virtual box of tissues-- Here's hoping it's all solved soon, but in the mean time....happy readign!

Stacy at The Novel Life said...

oh that truly blows!!! i'm so sorry...and i feel your pain! it is impossible to blog around a musician!

Christine said...

Welcome to my world. Not the computer woes (knock on wood), but the finding more than 10 consecutive minutes to actually accomplish something constructive with blogging every day. Sheesh.