Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review #89: Composed by Roseanne Cash

Composed by Roseanne Cash
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 978-0-670-02196-3
Price/Pages: $26.00/244

My Thoughts and Description:

I always feel like I am really behind on my memoir reading. I have a list a mile long of individuals, some famous, some not, of whom I admire and wish to read about.
Sadly, I don't get to too many of them. I could not pass this one up, however, no matter how busy my reading life has been.

Roseanne Cash comes from a family of performers that I have listened to, admired, worshipped, grew up with, my whole life. Johnny Cash, her father and June Carter, her stepmother, have been on my turntables, my cassette tape players and my CD players over the years. The music of Johnny Cash was passed down by my own father. The Carter family and June are performers I discovered in my early twenties and have since collected all their music.
Though I did not grow up in the south, I grew up in a small country town listening to country music.

I discovered Roseanne Cash in the late 80s and have since followed her career.
I was fortunate to see her perform in concert during her tour for the album, Black Cadillac. This album was even more personal for her because it was around the same time she had lost her father, June, her stepsister and then her mother.

Composed is a wonderfully intricate, deeply personal account of Roseanne's life. She touches on her relationships with her parents, her stepmother, her husbands and her children. Woven within these stories, you discover her journey through her music and her role as a writer and artist. Genuinely down to earth, her writing voice is so honest you don't feel you are reading a bio of the daughter of a true music icon. She is simply a woman, a daughter, a wife, a sister just trying to make sense of it all.

Rating: 6 stars/6 stars
Well written memoir of a life in progress. Roseanne Cash is a true musician and a true storyteller. It was a pleasure to get to read her stories in addition to listening to her songs.


Here is one of my favorite songs of Johnny Cash, sung by Roseanne.

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Tales of Whimsy said...

I grew up on Johnny and loved Roseanne (especially in the 80s). I should totally read this. Great review!

Lisa said...

I just heard a broadcast of an event Cash was at here in Omaha and I was so disappointed that I had missed the event! She really is an interesting person.

Gina said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed this one! I myself just recently (okay, well this year at least) got into reading more books in the memoir category...and I definitely agree, they can be quite fascinating. Have my eye on one in the bookstore right now as we speak. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this title...and happy reading! ^_^

"Someone serious!
Someone lawyerly!
Someone who wears black when nobody's dead!
Girls, I have a completely brilliant plan!"
--Legally Blonde, the Musical (hehe)

Marie Cloutier said...

this sounds like a fantastic memoir. i love johnny cash's music but have never heard hers so i may have to check that out as well as the book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! for sharing.