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Review #92: Dewey's Nine LIves by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Dutton (Penguin)
ISBN: 978-0-525-95186-5
Price/Pages: $19.95/ 320

My thoughts and description:

Honestly this is not the kind of book I normally read. I would not even classify it, so much, as a memoir but it does tell nine true life stories so...I'm calling it that!

For those of you new to the world of Dewey, let me give a little back story. Dewey was a kitten when he was abandoned in the book drop of a small town library in Iowa many years ago.
He was found by the head librarian, Vicki Myron when she came in to work the next day. No one knew how he got there; whether it was an act of kindness of someone's part and an attempt to rescue the little guy from the cold OR if it was a stinker wanting to hurt him.
Either way, Dewey became a huge presence in this little library and remained for over 20 years. He was loved, adored, cuddled, and admired by staff and patrons.
When he passed away, the community truly felt the loss, especially Vicki Myron who had essentially taken Dewey under her wing.

Along this time Dewey began to get some media attention; first a home town news piece, then international. Soon book offers came and
Dewey: the Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World was written.
It became an enormous success and stayed on the bestseller lists for quite some time.

During the height of this success, I was fortunate enough to host an autograph signing event with Vicki Myron. She was pleasant, friendly, reserved and kind; a librarian all the way. (now that I work at one, I can safely say that without sounding weird!). She was a pleasure to host.

Long story short, when I was asked to review the new book I decided I'd give it a shot. I like the story of Dewey. I really liked Vicki Myron. I love cats. I went with it!

This book, though still vibrantly full of Dewey and his life, tells nine separate stories of people and their relationships with their cats. They were carefully selected by Vicki and all tell of not only a strong love for your pet but also the strength of the relationship between humans and pets.

Here's my own little cat story.
I am a huge animal lover. I have always had cats except for one very long year when I lived in a dorm at college. Every other year of my life, I've always had a cat around.
When I was 19 I went to the city pound with my pal and new roommate, Angie. We wanted to get a cat for each of us. We were ready to be adults and to give a cat a home.
We went to the saddest place on earth, the crusty, dirty city pound. There I found the biggest, fluffiest, dirtiest, loudest cat and paid my $25 and took him home!
I named him Jack Slyvester (because he was black and white) and he was mine for 10 years.
When he had to be put down, due to bladder cancer, I cremated him and put him in an urn which I still have in my room.
Our bond was special, noticeable to all around and missed greatly still to this day.

I now have two very loud, crazy cats which, well...could take up several posts!

But anyway, my point is that, this book is incredibly relatable to me and will be to many readers. I would not seek to read this type of book really ever again but I appreciate and support the emotion and love it brings.

Rating: 5 stars/6 stars
For the reason above, I rate it a 5, highly recommended. It's not necessary to read cover to cover all in one sitting. I did not. But if you want a heartwarming story to lift you up or to just feel sweet for a moment, then pick it up.

Book Club Note:
I don't know how much honest discussion this would bring regarding the actual novel but it will bring up your own pet story (you know you have one!). That could be fun but I would not recommend for a book club choice.

Dewey's website

Happy reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Carol said...

I enjoy ur blog and have tagged u! :)


StephTheBookworm said...

I read the first Dewey book and liked it. I'll have to read this one. I'm a huge cat lover... I have three. So cool that you got to meet Vicki!

Jenny said...

Aww, what a great story! I've never been really interested in this book b/c I'm not a big cat person, but I can definitely see how this book would inspire us to think about the pets in our lives. =) Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

Enjoyed the review! I have yet to read the first DEWEY book but it's definitely on my list...and since I actually have a copy of this one, may happen sooner as opposed to later! I understand the "not your cup of tea" aspect on the pet memoir type books...sometimes what they contain can be hard and may not be for everyone, but I've been on a recent jaunt through this bookish genre and so far enjoyed myself for the most part...though in my case, the focus was dogs. ^_^ Glad to hear about your special kitty connection, though sad to hear about the passing of your one furry friend. All the more reason to give the current ones a hug. Happy reading!

Oh...and on to the musical of the day....this TOTALLY popped into my head when I read your pick earlier. Why? No idea...but I likez it anyway. ^_^

"Tonight. tonight,
The world is full of light,
With suns and moons all over the place.
Tonight, tonight,
The world is wild and bright.
Going mad, shooting sparks into space." -- Westside Story

Tales of Whimsy said...

My thoughts echo Jenny's. I'm not a cat gal, but I love animal stories :)

Senator said...

Awwww. That book looks so cute!