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Why I Love Jackie Collins (Poor Little Bitch Girl review #109)

Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: Fiction
Review Copy

My love for Jackie Collins goes back a long time. I could not pass up the opportunity to review this book.

I know I have mentioned in a few previous posts about how much time I spent at the library growing up. I knew each and every corner of that place by heart. I knew the children's department inside and out and as I grew I wandered up to the "upstairs" where all of the adult books were.

My love for adult fiction started as an early teen. I read a lot of V.C Andrews, Danielle Steel, Judith Michael, Judith Krantz, etc. You get the picture. I was also hooked on prime time dramas; Knots Landing, Dallas, Falcon Crest. You see why my move to Jackie Collins was bound to happen sooner than later.

I can't remember which book I picked up first but some familiar titles to me were Hollywood Wives, Hollywood Husbands, Rock Star, Chances, Lucky and Lady Boss. To me, she wrote of a world so far removed from mine, that it simply fascinated me. It was dirty as hell and totally wrong for a 12 year old girl like me to read but, hey, I was a good little sneaker. I could hide in any corner of that library and I had good look outs to watch for my mom!

I loved the glamour of Hollywood, the jet setting life the characters led, the parties, the food, the champagne, the romance, It was all too good to put down when your world was the country and Catholic school. I'm not going to lie!

Poor Little Bitch Girl delivers much the same. It focuses on three young women; Denver; a hotshot LA attorney, Carolyn; the assistant to a famous Senator and also his mistress and Annabelle; a secret Madam and daughter of two famous actors.

Also also kicking it in the story is Bobby Santangelo-Stanislopolous, the son of Lucky Santangelo and Dimitri Satanislopolous (both main characters in her earlier and very popular novels). He's got the looks, the charm and the money but unfortunately the habit of falling for women who treat him like crap. Frankie is his best friend and boyfriend to Annabelle.

What makes these characters all collide is the shocking death of Annabelle's mother, found shot to death in her home.

I didn't know what I would think about reading her after all these years. It's been almost 15 years now but I can safely say, I still enjoyed the heck out of her! Yes, I'm no longer a 12 year old country girl who's never been kissed or left her little town but I'm still a gal up for a good fun romp of a read and this one delivered!

Rating: 5/6
If you haven't read Jackie Collin's before, I wouldn't start with this one. I would go back to her earlier novels and get a taste for Lucky's character. I really liked reading about her the best. And, of course, how could I forget the TV Movies made from these books? Lucky Chances miniseries which just happens to star Sandra Bullock, Nicollette Sheridan and Vincent Irizzary (Lujack from Guiding Light! YUM!)

I recommend her for a fun, fast, saucy read. If you want to take a little walk on the wild side while still sitting comfortable on your couch, check out Jackie Collins!

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Jenny said...

Hehe, sounds like a fun book!! I'm glad it brought back those fun memories for you. =) Sounds like a good escape book for sure.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds like a fun scandalous murder mystery :) Great review :) Happy week!

dollycas aka Lori said...

A great book for the JUST FOR FUN Challenge!!!


Misha said...

I have only read one book by Jackie Collins - it was the wrong choice probably since I never read any of her books again. But this one sounds like an exciting mystery! I think I might give Jackie Collins another chance.

Gina said...

Oh I hear you on the library love. I can still remember the libraries (as in plural...we had TWO big ones right in and near my town) from back home when I was little. *daydreams* Anywho...I've never read any of this author's works but I can say I've seen them about. Sounds like an interesting read...perhaps one day...who couldn't use a "good romp of a read"? ^_^ Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!