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212 by Alafair Burke (review #129)

Title: 212
Author: Alafair Burke
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Format: Review Copy for TLC Book Tour

Alafair Burke is an author that I discovered while shelving at my library job. She was one of the authors that motivated me to create my first challenge, The A-Z Mystery Author Challenge. I realized there are so many mystery authors out there that I have never read and I really wanted to expand my list of authors to read. She has two series and I picked the one that takes place in New York City. I read the first book in this series called Dead Connection featuring Detective Ellie Hatcher. I really enjoyed it!
When I had the opportunity to read this one for the book tour, I jumped at it. Even though this is book 3 in the series, I still wanted to read it.

Here is a brief description from the publisher's website:

In New York City, Nights Are Dangerous. Days Are Numbered.

When New York University sophomore Megan Gunther finds personal threats posted to a Web site specializing in campus gossip, she's taken aback by their menacing tone. Someone knows her daily routine down to the minute and is watching her—but thanks to the anonymity provided by the Internet, the police tell her there's nothing they can do. Her friends are sure it's someone's idea of a joke, but when Megan is murdered in a vicious attack, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is convinced that the online threats are more than just empty words.

With smooth, straight-talking partner J. J. Rogan at her side, Ellie tries to identify Megan's enemies, but she begins to wonder if the coed's murder was more than just the culmination of a cyber obsession. Phone records reveal a link between Megan and a murdered real estate agent who was living a dangerous double life. The detectives also learn that the dead real estate agent shared a secret connection to a celebrity mogul whose bodyguard was mysteriously killed a few months earlier. And when Megan's roommate suddenly disappears, they know they have to find her before another young woman dies.

Even though I didn't read the second book in the series, I don't feel I missed too much. Ellie's character has definitely grown a bit. She has more confidence and definitely throws herself in her cases. She has a new partner, whom I really like, and their relationship is a good balance of skill and sharp personalities.

I got a chance to meet Alafair Burke at BEA. She was signing copies of her new stand alone thriller, Long Gone. I told her how I discovered her at my library and that she motivated me to start my challenge. She was really nice and said she looked forward to what
I thought of her new book.
I gave her my card and she even said she recognized the name of my blog! Cool!

What I really like about the two books that I have read so far is that they are detective stories. Burke obviously knows her stuff when it comes to the ins and outs of police work, lawyers, courts, prisons, crime scenes. It reads like a well made cop show. I like that.
Even though it is about a horrible crime; a murder, it still dishes it out rather simply. You follow the two detectives as they break down the case and down some troubled paths to find the truth.
There are some mystery books that rely on too much drama and suspense to make it an exciting read. That's okay for me too, when I'm in the mood. But sometimes I'm also really into trying to piece the intricate pieces of a crime together. Who are the lead suspects? What steps are we going to take to find out who did it? What is the motive?

Review: 5/6
Once again, I really enjoyed 212. I'm curious about her other books too and will definitely find some time to read them. I'm glad I started with this series. She knows NYC and I like reading books that take place there. Ellie has grown on me more as a character. She is tougher, but yet still real. Overall, Burke has written another well played detective story with real characters.
I recommend for fans of any genre within mystery. You will get a little legal thriller, a little psychological drama, a solid mystery and some good detective work.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for having me on this tour.

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Author Info:
Learn more about Alafair at her website, connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I've gotten away from the mystery/thriller genre and I really miss it. I think it is time for me to revisit real soon. Like now.

Teresa said...

I've read reviews stating that this one is a must read for those who like strong female characters. On that basis alone I was ready to pick it up, but now that you've given it such high praise I will be moving it up the queue.

Kim said...

I've never heard of this author either, I'm going to have to give this a try - sounds good! Thanks for the heads up.

Misha said...

You're right about there being so many mystery authors out there - I love this genre and yet, I have never heard of Alafair Burke. Thanks for the review, Michelle! Alafair Burke's books remind me a little of P.D James' and Elizabeth George's mysteries.

Anonymous said...

I love that you got to meet her and tell her about your reading challenge - what fun!

Thanks for being a part of the tour. I'm so glad the book was a hit with you.

Jeff Rivera said...

Thanks for this review! The author doesnt seem familiar to me as well but judging from your reviews and some excerpts from the book, i find myself intrigued by it. I'll find a copy of 212 and share my thoughts about it soon