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A Quest for Good Manners by Karin LeFranc (review #125)

Author: Karin Lefranc
Publisher: Beluga Press
Genre: Children's Picture Book, ages 4-8
Format: Copy given to me by author

Starting this year I have, on occasion, reviewed children's books. Goodness knows I read plenty of them, atleast 5-10 new ones a week with my three year old son. I just don't have time to review all of them! I try to reserve my reviews for some of the books that I feel are special OR that my son really takes a liking to. Then I share them with you all.

A Quest for Good Manners was given to me at the Book Blogger Convention this year. Karin Lefranc, the author, was introduced to me by Sandra Brannan (thanks Sam!) and we starting talking; about books, kids, being a mom, potty training, etc. She was a really down to earth, genuine person and was kind enough to give me the copy she was carrying around.

Karin Lefranc and me

I sent it back with the other stacks of books I got during the week and when it got to my house, it was one of the first books we read. Well, my son took to it right away! He kept calling the dragon (see on the cover), a "really nice dragon" and loved the pictures and the story.

The story is about Princess Rosalind and her dragon, Sparkler. They have really bad table manners and her mother, the Queen, sends them on a Quest to find Good Manners. So they go off and meet several people along the way to help them. They learn to say Please, Thank you and You're Welcome. When they arrive back home, the Queen is impressed and allows her daughter to keep her pet dragon (just so long as there are no flames at the table!)

Rating: 5/6
Children's books to me have to have a good message, first. That is the most important thing to me when I read to my son. Cute, flashy pictures don't mean squat if you are reading about something silly that doesn't bring out good things.
This book had that good message but it also had beautiful illustrations that were colorful and fun to look at. I would recommend it for parents of a young reader.
It's never to early to learn yours Please and Thank Yous!

Author Website:

Thank you to Sam for introducing me to the author!

Thank to you the author for giving me a copy!

Happy reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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