Sunday, July 1, 2012

Audio Review: The Unholy by Heather Graham

The Unholy by Heather Graham
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Unabridged Audio
Challenge: 2012 Audio Book Challenge
Purchase: IndieBound

Heather Graham has been on my list to read for some time now, ever since I started my A-Z Mystery Challenge. Though I like the paranormal aspect in movies and am admittedly, a huge fan of the TV show Ghost Hunters, I have yet to really find reading a book or paranormal series as exciting.

The Unholy was my first pick from Brilliance Audio to review and unfortunately, not the best first pick. But it was me entirely. I just don't think reading or listening to paranormal is my thing. So much of the scare of the unknown is visual for me. I am a horror movie junkie. Listening to the ghost of Humphrey Bogart (like in The Unholy) is not spooky. It's kind of cheesy. Sorry!

So, I did not enjoy listening to this and honestly, I don't think the reading of it would be better. The narrator was quite good for what he was working with, very noir feel, very theatrical. I just didn't get into the story.

I did not finish this one so I can not give it a full review. I am eager to review more Brilliance Audio titles and am a bit bummed out my first wasn't stellar. I think I need to stick to literary fiction or memoirs for listening or atleast stay away from campy thrillers.

Rating: Like I said, I did not finish and only listened to two discs so I can't give it a full "not recommended". The narrator was impressive as far as emotion and changing up the different characters but I just got a bit bored with the story.

Author Website:
Heather Graham

Happy listening and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Jill Buck said...

I have never read her, I had a bunch of her books but somehow they are never what I feel like reading. I find I can sometimes listen to things that I would not have the patience for actually sitting down to read on the page. Sorry you didn't care for this one.

Marce said...

Bummer Michelle, I have been considering these books.

I think you should try Amanda Stevens books, try The Restorer to start with.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sorry you didn't dig it. I've got to try this author on audio.

Ryan said...

I'm wondering how I would react to a book like this. I tend to find that a lot of them have a over abundance of romance in them as well, which I don't normally love.