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Audio Review: Carrie and Me by Carol Burnett

“More than anything, we are remembered for our smiles: the ones we share with our closest and dearest, and the one we bestow on a total stranger who needs it right then, and God has put us there to deliver.” — Carrie Hamilton

You are about to meet an extraordinary young woman, Carrie Hamilton. The daughter of one of television’s most recognizable and beloved stars, Carol Burnett, Carrie won the hearts of everyone she met with her kindness, quirky sense of humor, and wonderfully unconventional approach to life. Living in the spotlight of celebrity, but in an era when personal troubles were kept private, Carrie and Carol made a brave display of honesty and love by going public with teenager Carrie’s drug addiction and recovery. Carrie lived her adult life of sobriety to the fullest, enjoying happy and determined independence and achieving a successful artistic career as an actress, writer, musician, and director. Carrie’s passion for life and her humorist’s view of the world never wavered as she aggressively battled cancer. Carrie died at the age of 38.

Carrie and Me is Carol Burnett’s poignant tribute to her late daughter and a funny and moving memoir about mothering an extraordinary young woman through the struggles and triumphs of her life. Sharing her personal diary entries, photographs, and correspondence, Carol traces the journey she and Carrie took through some of life’s toughest challenges and sweetest miracles. Authentic, intimate, and full of love, Carrie and Me is a story of hope and joy that only a mother could write. (Simon and Schuster website)

What I remember of Carrie Hamilton is sadly her troubled past and the rocky relationship she had with her mom, Carol Burnett. I was blown away while listening to the complex and inspiring woman she truly was. Her struggle with addiction was such a small (although impactful) piece of her life. Narrated by Carol Burnett herself, this audio experience was hugely emotional. Burnett's trademark crack in her voice made me smile. Her love for her daughter really comes through and their relationship certainly is one every mother and daughter would hope for. They managed to make it through the rough times and come out shining. He unfortunate death at such a young age broke my heart.

Carrie and Me briefly chronicles the hard time Carrie had as a teen and young adult with drugs but mostly concentrates on her growth as an adult and how she finds peace in Colorado. You learn about her music and writing career and  a little bit about Carol's life at the the same time.

The last portion of the book is Carrie's story she wrote before she died. 

I listened to this right around Mother's day and found it to be the perfect thing to listen to. I recommend it for fans of Carol Burnett and/or memoirs of mother, daughter relationships. You get a little Hollywood thrown in but it's mostly the power of that bond and the story of a great woman taken too soon.

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Tales of Whimsy said...

I heard about this one when I saw Carol on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago. Sounds good. Glad you liked it.

Lisa said...

I saw Burnett talking about the book on Leno one night. So sad that they didn't have many more years together but how wonderful that, after all those tough years, they were able to have the relationship they did.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Great review, Michelle! I have always been a fan of Carol Burnett. I'm going to have to put this on my to read list. So sad that she lost her daughter. =O(

Carolyn Westphal said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Jo-Jo said...

Thanks for the review Michelle! This is one of our book club picks for next year so I will be reading it soon.