Sunday, May 5, 2013

Featured Book: Children of Liberty of Paullina Simons

At the turn of the century and the dawning of the modern world, Gina from Belpasso comes to Boston’s Freedom Docks to find a new and better life, and meets Harry Barrington, who is searching for his.

The fates of the Barringtons and Attavianos become entwined, on a collision course between the old and new, between what is expected and what is desired, what is chosen and what is bestowed, what is given and what is taken away.

As America races headlong into the future, much will be lost and much will be gained for Gina and Harry, whose ill-fated love story will break your heart (Goodreads)

This was sent to me for possible review and with my schedule I haven't had time to read it. Paullina Simons is an old favorite author of mine, even though I've only read one of her novels. The one I read I loved SO much, I recommended to everyone I knew at the time. Red Leaves
is the one that knocked my socks off. My friend Cheryl bought it to my attention many years ago when we were roomies.

When this book came to my attention I was immediately curious. She has written several more books, more in the historical fiction category and I've heard wonderful things about them. 

Check out her website for a full bio and list. 

Author Website:
Paullina Simons

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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