Thursday, August 27, 2009

Currently addicted to "jazzing" up my blog

This must be common. I can't decide on what my blog should look like. I have changed the color 50 times it seems. I can't promise you that this will stay the same. I may be a blog overload. I've looked at too many and they are all so damn cute! (cute in a good way, not overly annoying fuzzy kitten harm to kittens intended)

But I do know for sure that I will always remain red headed book child.

And the cute picture of my very own cute little red headed book child will remain.

Happy Reading!


Jenny said...

I have spent HOURS trying to make my blog nicer and use different layouts. I tried taking some really involved ones and tweaking them. I eventually settled on one where I add code to an html gadget. Those are sooo much easier to use and to change whenever I decide to do that.