Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review #5: Japan took the J.A.P Out of Me by Lisa Fineberg Cook (re-posting of review due to release)

* I'm re-posting this review because it is due out this Tuesday and a blog tour is in the works for her (I am not participating). But this is a fun memoir and it deserves attention!

Title: Japan took the J.A.P out of me
Author: Lisa Fineberg Cook
Format: ARC from Publisher (Thank you!)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Genre: Humor/Memoir
Release Date: October 27, 2009

Rating: 4/5

My Review and Description:

When it comes down to it, if you had to look at your life, everyone has a story to tell. You can tell a great story out of the smallest event or not so good one out of a huge event. It all comes down to the storyteller. With Lisa Fineberg Cook, her story is told quite well by a skilled storyteller, with the perfect blend of honesty and humor.

Cook had a big event happen in her life which is the basis for her memoir, Japan took the J.A.P out of me. As the book describes he is a J.A.P- Jewish American Princess. Newly married, her husband announces his new job is...surprise!...in Japan. From posh L.A to Japan, she envisions her life to be the same, but even more glamorous in another country. What we find out is that glamour is far from what is in store.

Even though Cook herself is a professional woman, she outlines the book by domestic "duties" she had to tackle and "learn" in Japan. From laundry to cooking to transportation, you go along on her journey to not only figure out how to be wife but to do so in a completely foreign environment with very little support. What I liked about the book was her honesty. It was refreshing but never condescending though at times she encounters some negative attention.
It also shines of youth and adventure. How cool is it to experience 2 years in a foreign country with the one that you love? It is a different kind of newlywed story.

Cook does eventually get a job teaching at a girls' school, make friends, nails the tricky subway system and wins the laundry battle.

Overall this is a fun read that will give you a few laughs, a few gasps, and maybe a tear or two.
Happy Reading!

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