Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh Bloody Hell...

I'm using this great face of my little red headed book child to express my emotion for going to ANOTHER book sale.

(pretty freakin' adorable, huh?)

Anyway, so I resisted this giant book sale ALL weekend. Our metro area Half Price Bookstores had a warehouse sale in our Grandstand building on our State Fair grounds. For those of you who have never been to the Minnesota State Fair, this just means HUGE, really HUGE! Their tag line was "Nothing over $3.00"

Holy crap, my heart is beating. I don't need anymore books. Seriously, I could build a house with the books I own and not to mention my TBR list is enormous.

But I went. Yes, but not early enough armed with muscles and a hot cup of coffee. No, I went with my husband and son with the idea that "hey we could take a little drive, he could take a nap, we could both run in, take turns and take a loop around and see if we want anything quick..." yada yada.

Yeah, right.

We got there at 4:45. It closed at 6:00. I told my husband I would call in 10 minutes and then we could swap. I entered the warehouse FULL...really FULL of books, music, records and movies. Okay, this was going to take awhile. No problem. I'll browse quickly. (nervous laugh)

Right away I realized there was no order, no genre subsection, nothing. Just paperback or hardcover. Kids was separate, that was nice of them. (cringe) Usually this doesn't bother me but when you got limited time, it sucks!

About 7 minutes in a nice young fella who worked there said "Hey fill your box for $5".

What?! Are you serious? I only have 3 minutes. Didn't he know that?

Now completly overwhelmed and full of game show adrenaline, I busted a move. I swept through each isle like my pants were on fire, chucking books in the box simply because they looked familiar and i HAD to have them. I called my husband at 10 minutes in and said "Honey, you gotta call me in 20 minutes, I need more time, but YOU have to call Me because I am totally focused here!" My husband is a completely laid back guy who really just wanted to take a peak at the music, nothing else so it didn't matter to him. He said "Yep, will do."

At this point, I hauled ass. (sorry for the rough language but these were serious times). But then I got all inquisite and started questioning myself. "Michelle, do you really need any of these books? Are you really going to read any of these in a timely fashion?" Well, gee, I don't have an answer for that, so shut it!

Well, this inner quarrel prevented me from filling my box. :(

My husband called promptly 20 mintues later after I had filled half...half! my box. I then dumped it in a secret location and ran out to the car, where the babe was sleeping soundly. My husband, poor guy, only had 15 minutes to browse by that time. Don't worry he grabbed the box from the secret location.

He filled up the rest and we came home with $4.84 worth of fun.

Lesson learned from this story... Just go to the freakin' book sale early in the day when the husband offered to stay home with babe and fill the damn box. You deserve it!


I'm too ashamed to even list the few books I got. poo.

* red headed book child


Jenny said...

What a great picture! He's so adorable, haha!

Book sales are so fun, but stressful too, lol!!

Ryan said...

Well I'm sorry you didn't get more. Next time go with your gut instinct and keep the ones you pick up.

Celticlady's Reviews said...

That story was seriously funny, I can just picture it...probalby the same thing I would my younger years of course....enjoy those books!!!

Amo said...

That picture made me laugh out loud! I have felt like that picture a lot lately! And I would have had a conniption fit in a room full of books with only 10 minutes to browse. There is no way. I would need atleast an hour!

Anna said...

What a cutie!

I thought about going to that. But changed my mind at the last min. Oh I hate when they don't separate the genres.


Hilarious story!! Post the list of books! I want to know what you got for under $5!!! I want to see what all that focusing was about!!

Funny pic! He's a cutie!

Amy J said...

LOL! What a great picture and cutie!!

Christine said...

What a cute face!!!!! =)