Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Week In Review

So it's been a rough week last week and I thought I'd include a little pic of the Little Red Headed Book Child. He is, of course, the best reader in the house.

All is settling down finally. Boy is in a little cast but doing really well. Vocal, hungry, and busy- all very good things. I hope to get into a routine with him this week and happily mark off each day on my calendar until the cast can come off and I can start to hover over him 110% of time. :)

Though I did not have much time to read or therefore, enough concentration to read anything other than research on fractured femurs, I did have a busy book week.

Here's what happened in my world of books. It is kind of a catch all of memes. (if that makes sense!)


I received:
The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran that I won from Anna at Anna's Book Blog. (Thank you!)

I checked out:
School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari
The Seance by John Harwood (Holy Crap, I'm reading this now and it is gooood.)
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

I borrowed from my Mom:
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

I bought at my local library:
Bookmarked for Death by Lorna Barrett

I bought at my local thrift store: ( I love this place!)
Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane (I'm reading this with my friend Rachel for our Book/Movie Adventure!)

I finished:
Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Review to come.

Finally, I had hoped to create a spooky challenge for myself for my favorite time of year but with everything else happening I feel like I may not be "up" for a strict challenge. So I have a few spooky reads that I have had on my list for awhile now that I am going to pick up. No pressure!

I think that's it.

Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!

* red headed book child


Amy J said...

I am so glad he is feeling better! I hope mommy is feeling better too! I think you have had enough spooky for the month after his fall, so I wouldn't worry about reading! Tell that cutie I am sending him a big hug for being so brave and to get better soon!

Melissa said...

I loved The Heretic Queen! I recently won Cleopatra's Daughter in a giveaway. I'm excited to read it.

Amo said...

The Lovely Bones is a very good book. I was completely taken by it.
Glad your son is doing well!! Take care!