Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week in Review: November 22-28

Week in Review

Hello everyone! I have decided to actually post a picture of myself instead of just shamelessly posting only pics of my cute kid. He's much cuter, I know. I'm sorry you all have to look at this while reading :) (ha ha)
Remember in last week's post when I talked all about the "health
y" days we seemed to be having? Well, that went out the window around 7pm on Tuesday. The kid came down with a fever again and was generally just grumpytoons. The doctor declared it a virus with no help but to wait it out. Gee, I love news like that. Oh boy, can we fret for the next three days over a fever of 103 degrees instead of eating turkey and bathing in pumpkin pie? Can I? Where do I sign up?

(Sigh) So I spread disappointment to my family this Thanksgiving and spent the entire rest of the week taking care of boy. It's okay though. I give thanks for him and my guy every day. Good news, we did get our Christmas tree up and decorated and put lights up on the tree. And then I got a wild hair up my you-know-what and cleaned all of his toys and washed his stuffed
animals. As I was shoving them in the washer I couldn't help but think of Toy Story. Their poor tangled furry bodies and faces looking up at me screaming "My god woman, what are you doing with us in here?" Suck up fellas and blame it on the ol' virus.

Anyhoo, on to my book world.

The only new book that came into my house this week was a beautiful hardcover of Home by Marilynne Robinson, author of Gilead. It was a review copy from my bookstore and I had to snag it after I heard such rave reviews from a customer of mine.

I only finished one book and it was a tiny one. Mistletoe Murder by Leslie Meier for the Fall/Winter Mystery Reading Challenge. Review to come.

I see a bunch of new challenges being posted from many of you for the new year and I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I want to finish the Christmas Reading Challenge and the one that I mentioned above, which ends in February. Maybe at that time I'll hop on board a few new ones.

I've decided to only do one review/request per month meaning if I am approached by an author or I sign up to do a review for someone, it will only be one a month. So far, I am already booked through March. I don't want to overwhelm myself with "required" reading. I also posted a sidebar to list ALL of my reviews that I plan to post.

I saw New Moon and have come to the final conclusion that Bella must go away. Not that I need to look to her for a role model but she just bugs the crap out of me. I will be glad to take her place however and can reached any time of day or night. I think I could handle Jacob, otherwise known as Hottie McHottie Pants and dark and brooding hunk-o-rama, Edward.
I did ask for the DVD of Twilight for Christmas and told my inlaws that it was my son's request. Is that wrong? (ha...ha)

Okay, enough rambling. Hopefully more book reading will occur next week.

Happy reading!

* red headed book child


Amy J said...

You are so brave girl! I only have my little pic on my page of myself. And it was from about 5 years ago..LOL

Jenny said...

LOL, you are so funny! Asking your in-laws for Twilight from the baby, hehe. =) Actually, I asked for Twilight too on the list that went to my in-laws. =)

I too am cutting waaay down on requests to almost none. I almost always feel like I "have" to read the review books rather than "get" to.

Hope your baby gets better soon!!!

Jessica said...

Ooooh... I like the pic! :)

Hottie McHottie Pants? Hahaha! That's too funny. True; but still funny. :)

I know what you mean about review requests. I forced myself to slow down over the past few months because I have a lot of catching up to do still. There are so many books I want to read that I don't have time for.

Anyway, I hope you get Twilight for Christmas. I want New Moon (I wonder how long I'll have to wait for that one). Sorry you don't like K. Stewart. I thought she did a helluva lot better in NM. And, of course, I love her in Speak. I feel like the only one who likes her though. lol

I hope your little fella is feeling better.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear that your little guy has been sick; hope he's feeling better. They have a tendency to get sick over holidays; I don't know why. In my family there are 8 grandkids and someone was always sick at holidays. We just had to make an agreement that colds were okay to pass along (but vomitous diseases were not!).

Christine said...

Hey Michelle,
I know this is an old post, but I had to pop in and leave my two cents since I was so surprised to see you and not the little guy! I love that you posted a picture of yourself! Now I can think of your pretty, smiling face when I type out a comment or email to you! =)

And OMgosh! You're reading THE LAST SPellman book!!!!!

*green* ;)