Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Author Love-a-Thon #2- Joy Fielding

Author Love-a-Thon # 2

Joy Fielding

It is the beginning of a new month and that means it is time for another Author Love-a-Thon! December's pick is mystery/thriller author, Joy Fielding. I only own a few of her titles though I have read atleast 3/4 of her titles.

Why I love Joy Fielding by Red Headed book Child

The fun thing with doing this Author Love-a-Thons is that not only do I get to share a great author with all of you, I get to share a little bit more about myself and my adventures in reading. I discovered Joy Fielding many years ago, I would say maybe eight years ago. Gee, I think of that and feel old! My good friend Cheryl, who I have mentioned many times before, and really truly is my equal in book love and devotion, told me about this great mystery, See Jane Run. She is one of the only people I can talk to for HOURS about books. I was reading mostly novels at this point in my life and didn't know much about mystery authors. Well, let me tell you, the first line had me hooked.

"One afternoon in late spring, Jane Whittaker went to the store for some milk and some eggs and forgot who she was."

Um, okay? You got me. I'm in for the ride.

And it didn't stop. It was heart pounding and earth shattering and unbelievably exciting to read. Thank you, Cheryl, once again. From then on, this became one of my go to recommends to as many customers, friends, relatives that I came in contact with. Even my husband read it and liked it! Cheryl and I got the chance to go to a book signing of Joy's at a Barnes and Noble. She is a pretty private person and hardly tours but is wickedly funny and dry and very smart. I was very happy to have her sign my copy of
See Jane Run.
She has since gone on to become one of my favorite mystery authors, one that I do try honestly to read each new one that comes out (though I have missed a few).

Why you should love Joy Fielding

She writes with suspense. She puts you in situations that are normal and every day and throws in a twist. You never know who to trust in her books. The characters are always hiding something and you end up changing your mind a million times while reading. To me, this is talented and unexpecting. I don't want to be able to figure everything out before the book ends, though I have on some of hers but the majority have really knocked me over. She is certainly not the most popular mystery author out there but regularly puts out a book every year, sometimes every two years. I always like to discover and support authors like this, the ones that may not dominate the bestseller lists every time a book comes out but that keep plugging away every year or so.

She is the author of 22 books.

Still Life
Charley's Web
Heartstopper +
Mad River Road *
Lost *
Whispers and Lies
Grand Avenue
The First Time *
Missing Pieces
Don't Cry Now
Tell me no secrets
See Jane Run *
Good Intentions +
The Deep End
Life Penalty
The Other Woman +
Kiss Mommy Goodbye
Trance +
The Transformation +
The Best of Friends +
The Wild Zone (due out March 2010) +

+ = Have not read
*= My favorites!

Check her out at her website: Joy Fielding

I hope I have helped you discover a new author in your book life.
Until next time, Happy reading!

* red headed book child


Unknown said...

I'll have to check her out! I always see her books next to Helen Fielding's (you can see how deep these waters flow...heehee), but I haven't picked one up yet. I love mysteries, though. If there were one that you would recommend over all the others, which would it be? See Jane Run?

Jessica said...

You've convinced me! I have to find something by this author now. :D

Thanks for the author recommendation. :) I'll be checking out some of your starred titles.

Gina said...

Whoa! The book you mentioned...See Jane Run...I read that a while back! I so didn't realize who the author was, but the quote of the opening line brought the whole thing back! Thanks for that reminder! (I may have to reread it when I get a chance.) It's great to discover new authors (or one that you read once upon a time as in this one)...it broadens your reading horizons and sometimes introduces you to someone you may have not read otherwise. Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

Anonymous said...

You've got me interested! I'll be checking this author out for sure--she's on my list :)

Jenny said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear how wonderful she is because I've been wanting to read her books for a while. I have YET to do so but I have a few of her books on my TBR.

And just wanted to tell you I love this author feature!