Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review #28: Eggs Benedict Arnold by Laura Childs

Title: Eggs Benedict Arnold

Author: Laura Childs
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery (Penguin)
Format: Mass Market Paperback purchased
ISBN: 978-0-425-23155-5
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: Cackleberry Club Mystery

Rating: 4/5

My Review and Description:

This book is the second in a newer series by cozy mystery author, Laura Childs. It focuses on the lives of three older woman; Suzanne, Petra and Toni- all of which have "lost" their husbands in some way shape or form. One to death, one to Alzheimer's, one to prison. They find solace, friendship and survival in the opening of a cafe, The Cackleberry Cafe, in their small midwestern town of Kindred.

As small town's go, shit happens. (sorry for the language) But that shit happens to be murder and the gals find themselves as amatuer sleuths.
This time the victim is the owner of the local funeral home and Suzanne is the first to discover the body and then knocked out before she could see who did it.

What I am noticing about these cozy mysteries is that I don't really care too much about the actual crime but what I love are the people. Laura Childs is very gifted in that way; in her description of the three women, the cafe, the glorious food they prepare, the small town, and the humor and spirit that is middle America. She also includes some of the delicious recipes that are featured in the book. That makes it even more cozy but also the cafe has a Knitting Corner AND a Book Nook. So not only does it appeal to my love of all things food, it also appeals to my dream of having a bookstore AND possibly learning how to knit (though I've tried and I'm so not talented in that respect!). But still the combo of the three makes for an incredibly warm and fuzzy setting and the three women are really quite delightful, not at all stereotypical cutouts that they could be if it wasn't written well.

I rated this book and the series so far at a 4. They are really fun but not shallow or "simple". I really want to see how these characters progress. These would be fun fillers in between some heavier reads.

Also, on a very cool, small world note, Laura Childs is from Minnesota and was born and raised in the same town as my dad! My mom and I are going to a book signing + "treats" (they say) on Saturday to meet her and I'm going to ask her if she knows my dad's family. Hmm! Cool, huh?

Both books are only available in paperback and if you interested in her other series, check out her website here.

Happy Reading!

* red headed book child


Heather Thomas - advocate for change said...

I'm running a genre challenge on my blog and am glad to have found you. I don't read a lot of mysteries and it looks like you have some great ideas to get me in the right direction. If I read 1 true mystery, what should it be?

Happy Reading!

Celticlady's Reviews said...

your book looks interesting.. Thanks for stopping by today ..I enjoy Jean Plaidy also...

Sheila Deeth said...

I think I'm going to get hooked on cozies. Cool!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like just what I need at the moment. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I read the first in the series, but haven't gotten to this one yet. The three women are great characters.