Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week in Review:December 6-12

Week in Review

So I'm a day late and this will be short and sweet. Every few months or so I get booted out of the house and banned from calling to allow my husband and his best friend to "rock out". Yes, they are musicians. Yes, they are pretty darn talented and they take their time pretty darn seriously.
I figure since his friend made the 5 hour car ride from Madison, WI after 18 inches of snow, i'd give them what they want :)

I am at my parent's house in my hometown on a different computer that I am pretty sure is from 1982 (just kidding Dad!). Let's just say it's a tad bit slow.
So no fancy pictures or links this time around. I could try but I may be here until next Christmas.

For baby news, the kid has a fever again but is in perfectly good spirits with no other symptoms. I have no idea what this means. Mothers out there, is this normal? The every month thing with fevers? It's driving me just a wee bit nuts!

On to book news...I had another successful reading week. I finished The 13th Hour and The Spellmans Strike Again and posted reviews for both. I also finished A Blue and Gray Christmas and will review that on Tuesday for the blog tour.

I am catching up on my stack of ARCs and trying to time my reading with release dates. I have three due out in January and one in February. I am also wrapping up my Christmas themed reading with The Christmas Cookie Murder by Leslie Meier (Half done) and Matchless by Gregory Maguire (just started)- both for challenges.

I received a few books in the mail this week. I received Elmer, the Christmas Elf and Inside Out, two children's books for review. I also received another romance from Sourebooks, Cowboy Trouble for review as well. I'm branching out and it's really fun!
I posted a note on my sidebar stating I am not accepting review requests until after May. I am already loaded and like I mentioned in a previous Week in Review, I want to stick to just one per month.

I am patiently waiting for my Secret Santa gift through the Holiday Swap. I'm like a 8 yr old waiting by the window watching for the UPS guy. Silly, I know, but I LOVE surprises!

I think that sums it all up.

Happy Reading!

red headed book child


Amy J said...

I don't remember how hold your baby is but is he teething? Also he might be at the beginning of an ear infection and his body might be just trying to fight it off before the real infection starts in.

Unknown said...

Every time the Pea is working on a tooth, he runs a low-grade fever for several days. Hope your squirtlet feels better soon.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

hope that he feels better and I understand about balancing reading and being a mom.

Lisa said...

Babies have a tendency to run low fevers when they teeth or if they get the least little virus. If it stays low and doesn't last long, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Push liquids and tylenol if he needs it.

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Thanks guys! Turns out he had white stuff on his tonsils and got checked for Strep. First test came back negative, second test should be back in a few days. His temps generally are between 100-102 but sometimes it can get up to 104. He's had viruses before that have popped up that high but it only lasts for like a day.
My little babe, I tell ya, always keeping me on my toes.