Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Kate Morton novel, please do so now.





Utterly Absorbing.

I have been waiting for a new novel by her since, well...I finished her last one a year ago.
She is the author of The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden.

Literary Fiction at its finest.

The Distant Hours is due out in the US this November and I am anxious with anticipation!
If you are not familiar, check out Kate's website here.

I guarantee once you start reading her, you will not be able to stop.

Happy Reading, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

red headed book child

p.s. I guess if this were Wednesday this could be a Waiting on Wednesday post. Perhaps we'll just call it "Hey, look what popped into Michelle's head" post.
That would be more accurate. :)


Jenny said...

I only read half of The Forgotten GArden b/c I had to take it back to the library. =( I def. need to pick it back up!

Unknown said...

Love love love Kate Morton's books! Really looking forward to this one (not long now!!)

Trev said...

For a moment I thought you already had a copy and I was cursing you and ready to yell about how unfair life is. Sorry for that! I too am extremely excited to read this- she is an amazing writer.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Such powerful words. You've peaked my interest :)