Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love Zac Efron or a sloppy review of a book I didn't read.

So, if this was a blog all about ME and not just a PART of me (book lover) you may find Blog Posts entitled "Why I think Zac Efron is the hottest thing under 25." OR "Aren't muumuus exceptionally comfortable?"

But since I DO limit this blog to a portion of my crazy self, today you will get a dose of my love for Zac Efron AND I tie it in loosely with a book.
A book I have not read BUT a book, nonetheless.

So...Zac Efron.

Yes, Zac Efron.

I went to see Charlie St.Cloud on my afternoon off from all 3 jobs and my little kiddo.
I was the ONLY person there over the age of 25. Pretty sure.

Oh yes.

Did I feel ashamed or strange or weird?

Oh no.

I kicked up my heals, drank my $25 soda, and mooned over those beautiful blue eyes of his and secretly wished I was the love interest in the movie.

You see, I will always have a part of me that is that crush crazy 12 year old girl with braces, big hair and glasses that no one wanted to dance with.

Anyway, my point is "GO SEE THIS MOVIE".
I loved it. Very sweet, very heart warming and very much Zac Efron.
Zac in tight t-shirts. Zac WET in tight t-shirts. Zac with no T-shirt.
Oh and a ton of great acting on his part too.
I can appreciate the whole package, right?

So enough from me before the family of Mr. Efron comes after me for serious stalking.

Go see the movie.

The book? Sure, you can read it too I guess.

Does it have pictures of Zac?

Just kidding. I'm sure it's a GREAT read. Here it is if you are curious.

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

red headed book child


Danny said...

Ok *giggles* really, already your Post title made me laugh ... love your post!!

Plus, I have to agree with you he's.... YES exactly this...
and way too hot for being that young!

Tales of Whimsy said...

That's how I feel when I'm drooling over Taylor Lautner.
But do I care, no?
Sure I'm almost old enough to be his teenage mama. Do I care, no?

Zac is SO cute!
Did you see that movie 17 Again?

I really must see this!

PS I had to giggle at the $25 soda bit ;)

The Book Guru said...

The book was actually really wonderful. I get the impression (without seeing the movie) that they changed a bunch of things (don't they always) but it still looks like a good summer romance :)

Jenny said...


Love the part about the $25 drink. =) I always though Zac Efron was so young cuz of High School Musical but lately he's been looking very mature! =)

Amy J said...

you are too funny! I go to see the twilight saga just for the topless men. LOL

Darlyn said...

Zac Efron is cute! my mom likes him too. ;p

StephTheBookworm said...

I loooved the movie. It was so emotional. I definitely want to read the book.

Unknown said...

Today I found myself in Barnes & Noble staring at this book cover wondering when Zac Efron got hot. I'm pretty sure he was dancing all over the Disney Channel like 12 minutes ago. Where was I when all this puberty occurred?

I have no desire to read the book or see the movie, but I did think about buying the book just so I could look at the cover from time to time.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the review! :D Seriously loved it and now want to see a movie that I had no interest in at all until i read this.... :D

Gina said...

Okay...can I just say I LOVED your post? Oh, I just did. ^_^ Really, right there with you on the Zac love...sorry, but you can have a crush at any age. The $25 soda thing isn't too far off the price nowadays, but so long as you have a good time (which it sounds like you did) big! Thanks for sharing your "love affair". ^_^