Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve reflections

This time of year it's fun to read all of the wrap up posts and the big dreams of the new year posts as well. Since I started this blog in 2009, I've always done a wrap up post; how many books I read, challenges I met or failed to meet, etc. 

This year that really isn't that important to me mostly because my role as a blogger and a reader has changed so much. In 2009 when I started this adventure, I really, really needed something like this. I needed this creative, literary outlet. I had been laid off. I was a stay at home mom. I rarely talked to adults. This was a HUGE lifeline for me. It became  a community.

Since then, every year, I've grown and adapted my blog to flow with the changes in my life. I'm no longer laid off, no longer a stay at home mom, and I occasionally talk to adults through out the day. My literary life, however,  has changed. I live a busy literary life, not just as a reader. I work at a library. I work at a bookstore. I blog at work. 

I'm almost too consumed by books to really devote any good attention to my blog. I just don't feel it's as  an important or necessary outlet for my literary desires anymore. Every day at work, I live books and I love it. But when I come home, I'm a mother and a wife and an active parent at my son's school. My life has a different focus now. 

That is evident in the amount of books I read this year. 22. My lifestyle, my pace that I have kept this year has contributed to more audio books. 16 so far. I can only really see this continuing.

So because I feel this year has been such a big change for me, I do not honestly know or really care to "outline" for anyone what shape my blog will take in 2013. But I can safely say it will include what I'm reading, listening to, etc. I also see much more personal items as well; my life as a mother to a soon-to-be 5 year old, my desires for a second child, my search for a career that will fulfill me and my quest to nurture my faith and soul in this ever changing, mixed up world we live in.

Like every year, I thank my readers and friends for sticking with me. I am not as present as I once was and it would be fair to say I have about 16 blogs out there that I absolutely love and seek out. (and no I won't list them-wink!) The rest...well, I just don't have the time. It's so big and ever changing. I just can't keep up. 

If this post sounds tired, that was not my wish. I'm merely reflective on this New Year's Eve. The little one asleep. The musician husband playing at a gig. The house quiet and me thinking.

I wish all of  you a Happy New Year and look forward to continuing on wherever this blogging journey takes me. 

Happy Reading and as always, thanks for stopping by!

red headed book child


Anonymous said...

I wish you well! We are at opposite ends here. I just finished college and being so busy in real life that I couldn't participate in the blog world. Now, I'm so ready to jump into blogger world again! Isn't that the greatest thing about blogging? It's there for you when you are and can be put aside when you become too busy?

Jenny said...

It really is crazy where life leads us, whether we are ready for the journey or not. Sometimes we don't even know the journey has started until we reflect where we've been and realize we've moved a long way from there! I am so happy your life is taking you in a direction you seem comfortable and able to thrive in, yet can recognize the areas that still need tending to. I hope this year you will find the paths that lead you on your way, and I hope those paths are wide enough to continue to bring your friends along. Bless you and the family, and know you are loved!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Hey sugar!
Happy New Year!
I completely understand.
Honestly, if one's blog doesn't evolve with us we ultimately outgrow it. I've done the same thing.
My blog still means allot to me but I only post about once a week, I write what I want when I want, and I nevvvver do reading challenges or goals. And honestly I never know what shape the blog will take because I never know where I will be as the months roll on, ya know? I never know what life will toss at me and in consequence how much I will read or what I will feel like reading as it happens.
All I can and do silently promise it that I love my blog and I love my bloggy friends and readers. So me and Tales of Whimsy we roll with it baby. :)

Pssst I'm quietly hoping I'm on that list of blogs.

Tales of Whimsy said...

BookBelle: Awesome point!