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Author Love-a-Thon #5: A.M. Homes

Author Love-a-Thon #5:
A.M. Homes
March 2010

Why I love A.M. Homes by Red Headed Book Child

First off, she's gorgeous. Yes, that can be a reason. Second, her books are outstanding. I discovered her way back in my Boston book selling days. The bookstore I worked at there was established and successful so we got a lot of ARCs and Review Copies. I was brand new to the book biz :) and was floored by the fact that I could read all of these books that were not released yet for free! During my time living in Boston I read a ton, thanks to the train ride I had into the city. I was voracious and open minded. I would read anything and take any recommendation. I stumbled across the ARC of Music For Torching and read it within a day, a total of 3 train rides.

I then raced off to read her others. I had time then and reading the entire works of an author took but a week for me! (ahh, good times). So I read The Safety of Objects, Jack, In the Country of Mothers and The End of Alice. I soon discovered I had another favorite author. Her writing is exceptional. She explores every day life and tragedies; discovering a lost mother, your own sexuality, suburban family drama, and depression.

Why you should love A.M. Homes

She is one of those authors that continue to produce such powerful fiction; raw, intense, emotional and real. Never a "bestseller" but deserving of such recognition. I am a fan of human novels, of characters that are written as if i knew them, as if they live inside of me. It would be hard to compare her to another. But if you are looking for unique stories, complex and rich characters, look no further. You will walk away with an imprint of her and her style on you. She would be a fantastic choice for a book club. All of her books stir up plenty of conversation.

The list:

This book will save your life
Things you should know
Los Angeles
Music for Torching +
The End of Alice +
Appendix A
In the Country of Mothers + *
The Safety of Objects +
Jack +
A Mistress's Daughter

+= I've read
* = My favorite

A Mistress's Daughter is her most recent. It is a memoir of her adoption and her definition of family. I can't wait to read it! I would start out with either Music for Torching or In a Country of Mothers.

A few of her novels have been made into movies as well. She was also a writer/producer for the TV show, The L Word. Check out her website for more info.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully discovering a new author for your list!

Happy Reading!

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I feel that way about Maeve Binchy.:) I'll have to give one of her books a try.

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