Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW Giveaway #1

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is a big day. Not only will I announce the winner of The Historian Giveaway, I will announce my BBAW Giveaway.

I am breaking it down into 4 parts, meaning 4 separate blog posts. This will make it a bit easier for picking winners and it will be easy for my not-so-tech-savvy brain to create a post with lots of pictures and links and not have it look outrageous.

I have decided to give away one book in each category that I listed as my favorite. This includes Literature, Mystery and Young Adult. I am also throwing in an old favorite by an author that I have blogged about before. Just for fun.

These books are not brand spanking new and they are all ones that I own. But as much as I love to collect books, I love even more getting them in the hands of excited readers. Sharing is caring, like my mother always said. :) And it's BBAW, so any way we CELEBRATE BOOKS is a good thing.

So first up is my Literature category:
With the upcoming release of The Lacuna, I thought it would be appropriate to giveaway one of Barbara Kingsolver's earlier books, Prodigal Summer.
If you are not familiar with her, check out this link to read about her books.

To enter I'm keeping it simple:

Just leave your email in the comment box and the name of the book you are interested in.
Even though I am doing separate posts, i still want to make sure I know which book you
are all interested in.

Giveaway for each title runs through Sunday (a little longer than BBAW) and winners will be announced on Monday, September 21.

Good luck everyone and Happy Reading!

* red headed book child


Jennifer said...

I adore Barbara Kingsolver and I have yet to read Prodigal Summer. Thank you for giving me a chance!

Lisa said...

Can you believe I've never read any Kingsolver. At least, not that I remember. It's probably time!


Anonymous said...

I loved the last Kingsolver book I read and would like to win Prodigal Summer

Aimee said...

Well, Prodigal Summer sounds good to me. Please accept my entry. Thanks!

Zia said...

I've never read any Kingsolver books before but this sounds pretty good. Please enter me.