Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Judge A Book By it's Cover

Let's just get it out there right now in the open, I am a book cover junkie. Yes, this means that I have purchased many a book just by the beautiful, scary, alluring, silly cover.

It all depends on my mood.
If I see something I like, I go with it.

I try to make lists of what to read, all nice and tidy but really when it comes down to it, reading to me has to be enjoyable and in the moment. I gotta feel it.
If I don't, then I won't (read it that is). This is why I still struggle with book clubs. Assigned reading makes me a tad crazy!!!

This is also why I never did well in college. Well...that and too many cute boys. :)

So when I came across Leslie Meier's Trick or Treat Murder for 50 cents (50 cents, I tell ya!) at my local library today, well, the mood hit me and I got it. Why? Because it has a cool, spooky pumpkin on the cover and it looks scary. Scary like Halloween coming up. Orange like the leaves that have ALREADY fallen in my yard. I was ready to dive in to cozy mystery heaven.

Let's set the record straight on another thing while we're here. I have read one, by definition, cozy mystery in my life. Eggs in Purgatory by Laura Childs and I have to say I LOVED THE HECK OUT OF IT.. Why? I could not tell ya'. It just hit me and I was off. Nothing major happened in that book and I am pretty sure not a whole heck of a lot will happen in the sequel (Eggs Benedict Arnold, due out in December) but I am going to eat it up (not literally, of course). It was just that much fun and I am pretty sure if I let myself fall victim to the Cozy Mystery Gods, I may never return. But I digress.

I bought Leslie Meier's book because it did what books should do for the reader...make you excited to dive in. And the whole 50 cents thing was pretty darn cool, too.

So I am off to read about a murder...a trick or treat murder. (insert evil laugh here)

Happy Reading!

* red headed book child


Ryan said...

I have to agree that the cover is pretty damn cool.

Lisa said...

Cool cover? 50 cent price tag? You have to buy it! And at that price, even if the cover is the best part, you won't feel guilty if you don't like it.

Krista said...

Awesome cover! I buy books based on the cover all the time...LOL!