Friday, September 4, 2009

Wow! I have followers!

Wow! I have 22 followers...okay, 21. I accidentally followed myself when I was setting this all up. (he he...oops!)

I know that it may not seem like a lot compared to you 600 follower blogs (wow...BIG wow!)
but I am just tickled.

Thank you all so much for thinking I'm interesting enough to read and to follow. I promise I will start getting into giveaways and such so you will get more than just my witty humor (wink) and fabulous taste in books.

the little red headed book child thanks you too!

Happy Reading dear Followers!

*red headed book child


Lisa said...

Isn't it fun? I started just for myself and when I started getting followers I was so stoked! Plus you get to make so many new friends.

Amy J said...

Wow! people get 600 followers? It has taken me forever just to get to 40!LOL..I am now included in your follower stalkers..feel free to stop by my blog as well!

Ruby said...

Hey, thanks for being one of my first followers-it is a great feeling! I'm following you too! Keep up the good work. x.