Friday, September 4, 2009

When a Book becomes a movie...or Rachel and Michelle's Excellent Adventure

A few posts ago I wrote a little about how I had just finished reading Julie & Julia and how I didn't want to write a review because everyone and their mother is now reading it and really, who would care about what I had to say.

Well, I've been feeling a little undecided about all of the recent books being made into movies. Generally I am okay with them but when they start making movies of books I have always wanted to read I get a little anxious that I must read them now before the movie destroys my image of it all. And I hate feeling anxious and pressured about reading.

It started with The Time Traveler's Wife. I pretty sure my friend, Cheryl would have removed me from her life if I had not read the book and only chose to see the movie. It is one of her dear favorites and now one of mine. So, thank you Cheryl for your poking. Now we have Lovely Bones, Shutter Island and Julie & Julia, all three books that have been on my reading list.

So instead of hopping on the "Damn the movie makers lack of imagination" box I've previously been on, I have decided, along with my trusty sidekick and friend, Rachel (my book stalker, she calls herself) to embark on a movie/book adventure. Yes, I will read the books first and then see the movie...maybe a little begrudgingly. I may even have my arms folded firmly across my chest and my lip may hang down a little in grumpytude (yes, that's a word I just made up). But I will watch and I will give them all a chance.

Though before I go on, Eric Bana is NOT Henry de Tamble, thank you very much.

Rachel and I unofficially started this adventure with My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. We read the book at different times but saw the movie together. ( I don't have enough space on the internet to discuss my feelings on Cameron Diaz...just so you know.) We cried buckets of tears and decided we need to be a lot nicer to our sisters. Enough said.

So officially we started with Julie and Julia. Both read the book. Delightful and Pro-Buffy! Then we saw the movie on Wednesday night. Delightful AND it made us absolutely dying for BUTTER. So we gorged ourselves after in the name of Julia Child. Meryl Streep (who my husband will not let me name our next daughter after) is a genius, always is. And though, at times, I kind of wanted to throw a pillow at Amy Adams, I thought she played Julie just fine.
All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Next up, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The preview was before J&J and I almost cried buckets of tears just watching that. Rachel has already read the book so it's my turn to read it before next month movie release. Mark Wahlberg plays the father and I guess it would be okay to have THAT image in my mind before I read the book. :)

I've convinced her to read The Time Traveler's Wife so that will Round 3 (4?) of our adventure and then perhaps, just for the sake of NOT crying buckets of tears, we throw in Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island to wrap it up. (Leo DiCaprio? Not a bad idea at all) I stand firm when it comes to reading Lehane first. His novels are detailed and exquisite. Reading Mystic River before seeing the movie was absolutely the best thing. He writes too beautifully to not.

So that's that. Hopefully you all will stop by and read about this little adventure. I hope to be entertaining. I know I'll certainly be opinionated.

Happy Reading!

*red headed book child


Jenny said...

With some rare exceptions, I always want to read the book first too. And I usualy feel like I NEED to see the movie. I want to read most of those books you mentioned too as well as see the movie. The Lovely Bones I heard was weird but the movie looks good so I think I'll go straight to the movie with that one. Julie and Julia I've heard is great too, but I was never interested in it early on so that one I also think I'll just see the movie of.

I have never seen Mystic River as much as I heard it was good and only later realized it was a book so I need to read that first. AND Shutter Island BUT I recently found out that is a series and I HAVE to start at the beginning of any series books I read, lol!

Sorry for the rambling!

Rachel said...

Still Stalking.